Author Guidelines

Sociae Polites (SP) has the vision to be the leading journal in the issue of Sustainable Development Goals. SP focused on developing the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in industrialized, emerging, and developing economies and South-South cooperation. SP analyzed SDGs into three panels; law and policies, media, and technology. The law and policies panel focus on commonalities, challenges, and opportunities of SDGs' legislation and regulations, including international legal frameworks and policies around SDGs. The technology panel focuses on the latest techniques related to the implementation of SDGs. The media panel focus on the role of media in campaigning for issues surrounding the SDGs of the local, national and global scales. Topics will cover new media and print media's role and challenges in promoting community-private-government partnerships in SDGs. Print media includes newspaper and magazine articles, reports, and any other printed materials, and new media comprises video, blog, and Twitter.