Vol. 11 No. 30 (2010): Januari-Juni

Sociae Polites is a scientific journal which has been published since 1997 with registered number p-ISSN : 1410-3745 by Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Universitas Kristen Indonesia covered the results of research, study of literature and critical thoughts about social and political issues. Spesifically Political Studies, International Relations and Communications.

Sociae Polites derived from Latin. Sociae means the social science that studies the aspects related to human and social environment. Polites political means, that all matters relating to the state, government and citizenship. Its main objective is to provide a means for the lecturers to convey the ideas in the form of study, research, scientific papers and opinion as part of the Tri Dharma College that is teaching, Research and Community Services.

Sociae Polites expected for aiming results of studies and research in Social and Political Sciences area can be disseminated to the public so that bring up to new ideas for development of Social and Political Science.
Sociae Polites regularly will publish in two times issues each year.

Published: 2018-02-23