Vol. 24 No. 1 (2023): January-June 2023

Sociae Polites published two articles in the edition of January-June 2023 (Volume 24, Number 1). The first article is titled "G20 Commitment in the Achievement of SDGs 7: Opportunities and Challenges" by Laode Muhammad Fathun and Shanti Darmastuti. The article discussed and analyze the opportunities and challenges faced by the G20 in implementing commitments to achieve SDG 7. The article evaluates and identify the chronology of the discussion of new renewable energy in the meetings of G20 countries. 

The second article discussed the challenges in implementing Goal 16 SDG in ASEAN, especially goals 16.7 and 16.8 with the case study of Indonesia's implementation of a just and inclusive society. Immanuel Ferdinand Barmandi and Ellya Dameria Enesca wrote the article titled "SDG 16 in ASEAN: Case Study on Building Just and Inclusive Societies in Indonesia". The authors discovered that, while SDG implementation performs well in terms of social inclusion in the local community (a smaller area of development), it performs poorly in terms of human rights and tolerance and there is a risk of failure in the actual implementation of SDG Goal 16 in a large and diverse country like Indonesia.

Published: 2023-06-26