Vol. 22 No. 1 (2021): Indonesia Clean Energy Conference 2021

Sociae Polites has organized Indonesia Clean Energy Conference 2021 with generous assistance from Petromindo. The first article is Tiara Amirasyam, Ayu Cristhine, Salsabila Nurjihan, Nico Haris Berkat Manik, and Meilina Grecia with the article "Increased Low-Cost Biohydrogen Production Using Co-Culture Fermentation of Dairy Wastewater". Amirasyam and her team discussed the recommendation of dairy wastewater for low-cost biohydrogen. The second article "Coffee Husk Based Activated Carbon Electrode Supercapacitor as an Alternative to Renewable Energy Storage Devices in Indonesia" is written by Andri Pangestu Purba, Mark Philip Purba, and Mesakh L Tobing.  This article is discussed about the concrete optimization of coffee waste as one of the largest sources of biomass energy in Indonesia.

The third article "Effectiveness of Integrated Carbon Capture Technology in Waste to Energy Plants and Implementation Prospects" is written by Fikri Muhammad Akbar, Muhammad Najmi Hafiy, Farid Ibrahim, and AdamMuhammad Yudhistira. The authors concluded that the usage of CCS is very effective to reduce the CO2 emissions emitted from Waste-to-Energy Plants with 95% accuracy. The fourth article "The Challenge for Indonesian Biofuel Governance: Study Case of State-Business Relation Between Korindo and Indonesian Government on Palm Oil Business" was written by Darynaufal Mulyaman and Aji Said Iqbal Muhammad Iqbal Fajri. The authors highlighted public concern over the environmental preserving effort in Indonesia’s biodiversity and climate actions with the case study of Korindo's palm oil plantation. The fifth article "Sustainable Floating Architecture Prototype as Energy Efficiency Methods Implementation in Indonesia" was written by Rani Yuni Wulandari, Stephanus Wirawan Dharmatanna, Sitti Awalia Dewi Permatasari, Diandra Aprilia Judiono, and Ismail Salam. 

Published: 2021-08-25