Vol. 21 No. 1 (2020): January - June 2020

In this volume (Volume 21, Number 1, The Year 2020), Sociae Polites focused on the European Union's environmental diplomacy dynamic. The European Union (EU) is a powerful organization in the current global politics that can influence many countries' domestic policy, including environmental policy. Ellya Dameria Enesca and Ivonne Easteria Riyadi outlined the issues and challenges of EU environmental diplomacy in their article "Quo Vadis EU Environmental Diplomacy." The article "The European Union and the Paris Agreement" described the global context of EU environmental diplomacy and showed the EU partners' policy on the Paris Agreement. The exit of the United Kingdom (Brexit)  from the EU caused damage to the EU's economy and the EU's environmental diplomacy. The damage is elaborated in the article "Brexit Impact on the EU's Climate Diplomacy."

The EU has environmental problems in its relationship with the United States of America, China, and Indonesia. Theresia Siahaan focused on the impact of the EU's ban on Indonesia palm oil in her article "Indonesia Environmental Diplomacy in President Joko Widodo's Era (2014-2019) of The Issue Rejection Indonesia's CPO by European Union". The relationship between the EU and Indonesia is also elaborated in the article "The European Union, Indonesia and Renewable Energy Directive." Regarding China, the EU has imposed an extra tariff on solar panel import from China. The article "The European Union, China, and Solar Panel" has highlighted the tariff's impact on the relationship between the EU and China. Meanwhile, the article "The European Union, the United States, and the Genetically Modified Organisms" focused on the EU's environmental policy's impact on the United States' agricultural export. 

Marinus Mesak, Yanyan Mochamad Yani, and Windy Dermawan discussed the Chinese involvement in Vanuatu and Solomon Island Foreign Policy against Papua Issue. They critically analyzed the Chinese aid to Vanuatu and Solomon Island in the Papua separatist movement in Indonesia. 


Published: 2020-08-08