1. The author has never published his article or is currently submitting his article in another journal.
  2. The article is neatly typed on A4 paper size (210 mm x 297 mm) with a top margin of 3.5 cm, a bottom margin of 3 cm, a left margin of 3.5 cm and a right of 2.5 cm, using one column with a left and right aligned format. .
  3. Articles are typed in good and correct Indonesian or English. Manuscripts in Indonesian must comply with the applicable PUEBI, and if in English they should meet standard English grammar standards.
  4. The minimum length of the article is 10 pages and a maximum of 20 pages including references.
  5. The title of the manuscript must reflect the essence of the content of an article. The title should highlight the phenomenon (object) under study. The title is informative, specific, effective and a maximum of 15 words.
  6. Especially the front page (cover) contains the title of the article, the author's name (without a title), the author's affiliation, the author's email and the abstract.
  7. The title is written centered, capital letters, times new roman, in bold, and size 1
  8. The author's name is written in full under the title without mentioning the title.
  9. Abstracts are written in Indonesian and English, each of which is equipped with keywords, a minimum of 150 words and a maximum of 250 words.
  10. The systematics of writing articles consists of abstracts, keywords, introduction, methods, results and discussion, recommendations for further research, conclusions, acknowledgments (if any), and references.
  11. If using a table or figure, it is given a serial number and a title that corresponds to the contents of the table or figure. The font is Times New Roman and Size 10.
  12. References are written in alphabetical order according to the last names (without academic degrees) of both foreign and Indonesian authors. References must be written in accordance with Turabian Style 8 writing guidelines. The author is responsible for all information provided in the reference.
  13. We recommend that you adapt the manuscript to the template, the author can download and use the template format that has been provided.
  14. References and footnote citations are mandatory using the Mendeley reference app.
  15. If any, thanks are addressed to official institutions or individuals who have provided funding or have made other contributions to the research.
  16. The author does not need to change the "header and footer" in the template format because the editor will adjust the information in that section.
  17. Turnitin check results a maximum of 20%.


Scientific articles submitted (submitted) in the Fundamental Management Journal will be selected by the Editorial Board which has full authority to correct, return for correction, or reject the submitted writing if deemed necessary.