Model Matematika Struktural untuk Pertumbuhan Ekonomi dengan Anggaran Pertahanan Sebagai Variabel Endogen

  • Posma Sariguna Johnson Kennedy


In this paper, “a structural mathematical model is made that explains how the variables of
economic growth, defence budget, and investment simultaneously interact with one another. The
simultaneous equation developed in this study consists of four structural equations: the
relationship between defence spending with economic growth, relations with investment, relations
with education, and the endogeneity of military expenditures. This equation, there is indicated a
simultaneous system of four endogenous variables. The economic growth equation is used as an
identity equation, and the defence budget in which there are traditional threat variables defined as
autonomous to see the effect of crossing over on economic growth, investment and education
Keywords: Structural Mathematical Model, Simultaneous Equations, Economic growth, Economic
Defense, Traditional Threats