Pemanfaatan Material Daur Ulang Untuk Pengembangan Karya Seni Dan Kerajinan Di Kelurahan Kebon Pala Kecamatan Makasar Jakarta Tim

  • Sri Pare Eni Universitas Kristen Indonesia
  • Margareta M. Sudarwani Universitas Kristen Indonesia
  • Galuh Widati Universitas Kristen Indonesia


Community service programs are carried out in various forms in the context of assisting in fostering green villages. Since 2015 the assistance for green village development has also been carried out in the Kebon Pala village in East Jakarta. The people in Kebon Pala village are already more concerned about the cleanliness of their environment so that the assistance in the form of counseling and training conducted at Kebon Pala can be felt immediately. Evidenced by the training to make bamboo creativity for greening, painting for greening can be immediately carried out by the community. The type of community service that will be discussed here is included in the category of "community empowerment" through creativity training in making handicrafts from waste recycling materials and or utilizing local natural materials into something useful, valuable and has elements of art. In the fostering of a green village in Kebon Pala Village, community self-reliance is also fostered through the empowerment of women in creating creativity with recycled materials, as well as developing small businesses such as aloe vera plant cultivation and medicinal plants for herbs and various small foods. Young people, youth groups and children in Kebon Pala village are very active in various activities, therefore it is very positive if children have been introduced to a culture of environmental love, good management of environmental waste and even use it to become a valuable object.

 Keywords: art and crafts, Kebon Pala, recycling materials, utilization.